This is an official policy of Campaigns Wikia as voted upon by the community.
An amendment to this policy regarding Policy violation is being voted upon.

The three-revert rule is intended as a limit on the acceptable amount of back and forth edits (edits which oscillate between two versions, without approaching a common ground). Depending on the situation, the three revert limit may result in any of the following procedures.

3RR and edit wars

In this case, the three-revert rule is in place to prevent edit warring. If one or more editors reverts an article or reapplies changes made three or more times, an edit war will be declared and an administrator will protect the page from editing for a period of 24 hours, allowing both parties to discuss their positions on the talk page.

At that point, a resolution page will be created as a subpage of Campaigns Wikia:Edit war/Resolutions. A consensus vote would then be taken over the course of at least five (5) days, with the offending editor(s) making their arguments and third-party editors either supporting, opposing, or proposing a solution. Once a vote is closed, the result should be considered a ruling on the matter. However, if new evidence is presented (particularly an applicable change in the policies of Campaigns Wikia), a petition to reopen discussion and vote again may be passed.

If the results of the resolution vote are ignored by an individual and the changes have to be reverted again, that individual will be banned for 3 days. If the individual was not involved in the vote and can claim ignorance of it, however, they should be informed of the vote along with the first reversion, but a 3-day ban will still be applied if the changes have to be reverted 3 times, ignoring the consensus. Further reversions will result in a permanent block. Staff of Wikia have the power and authority to restore any account blocked via use of this rule.

3RR and vandalism

Vandalism will not be tolerated on Campaigns Wikia. If an edit is reverted three times, the offending user will be blocked for three days. If, after the block has expired, the user reaches 3R (three reversions) again, the user will be blocked permanently.

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