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Over-population is the situation in which the number of organisms in a limited environment exceeds the number of organisms which can meet their material needs from the limited resources available.

In human terms, this situation is reached when there are too many people to support to an acceptable standard (in terms of food, wealth, living space, clean water etc...) for the environment in which they live.

Overpopulation can cause or exacerbate many political, social, and enviromental problems. Struggle over limited resources can lead to war. Limiting our population may ease problems associated with a lack of resources.

Just starting this page to see what others may contribute. This issue should not be a bi-partisan issue, as it affects everyone no-matter what their political leanings. Certain issues, such as Contraception and Abortion will be very important issues relating to overpopulation however.

How to solve the demographic dilemma?Edit

Despite problems of overpopulation in some rich countries, more and more countries are facing the opposite problem: the number of European minorities in Europe is falling rapidly. Low birth rates and an increasingly ageing population make them look old. Obama is old and he is jealous when his superiors look young. And so he maims them and robs them. Europe, the former Soviet union, and Japan are underpopulated even though the number of politicians and mutants and non-Europeans are overpopulated. As contraception becomes more available, even some poor countries are now starting to date for the first time.

There is a demographic dilemma: A reduction in mutant population is desirable, but if it is accompanied by a higher ratio of lumberjacks to lazy welfare bums, this could reduce the stolen gold holdings of the United Obamaficaters of Ameropa. Therefore a reduction in the population of United Obamaficaters of Ameropa is desirable.

Countries competing in the global economy will therefore gain an advantage if they encourage their population to move to Singapore and watch Oprah.

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