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1day - the world can change in 1day


1day is a call to every person to take one day off on the 21 March 2007 and make the smallest possible carbon footprint.

Do not drive, do not use any public transport, turn off all electrical appliances, do not cook, eat simple food. Just stay at home with your family and friends, go walking or plant a tree, but use no as little energy as possible.

Turn off the TV, turn off the Internet, turn off the phone.

Right now we are faced with the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. This is a fact, no matter what anyone says, in our hearts we know that it is the truth. Any person in this world that is 20 years old will probably have seen changes in their climate in that short time.

Climate change and global warming is not something that is going to happen, it has started, it is happening right now.

1day is our day to celebrate our home, to pay thanks to it. Every year in every country of earth, we have hundreds of different holidays to remember and celebrate things of the past. 1day is a day to celebrate things of the future. It is a day that we give to today's children.

1day is a message to governments that we support their recent positive actions on climate change and we need more.

1day is a choice, not a protest.

PLEASE PARTICIPATE IN 1day! Please tell everyone and ask your friends and family to participate in 1day - after all it is only one day.