Map of Alabama
Date of statehood:
14 December 1819 (22nd)
Capital: Montgomery
Population: 4,833,722 (2013 est.)
Number of US Representatives: 7
Number of Electoral votes: 9
State Legislature
 State Senate size
 State House size
State officials
 US Senators

 Robert J. Bentley
 Richard Shelby
 Jeff Sessions
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Current office holdersEdit

Governor: Robert Bentley (R) Lt. Governor: Kay Ivey (R) Secretary of State: James R. Bennett (R)


Complete list of Federal House races from Wikipedia.

District Incumbent Party Elected Status Last election result
Alabama 1 Bradley Byrne Republican 2013 Running Bradley Byrne (R)
Burton LeFlore (D)
Alabama 2 Martha Roby Republican 2010 Running Martha Roby (R)
Therese Ford (D)
Alabama 3 Mike Rogers Republican 2002 Running Mike Rogers (R)
John Andrew Harris (D)
Alabama 4 Robert Aderholt Republican 1996 Running Robert Aderholt (R)
Daniel Boman (D)
Alabama 5 Mo Brooks Republican 2010 Running Mo Brooks (R)
Charlie Holley (D)
Alabama 6 Spencer Bachus Republican 1992 Retiring Spencer Bachus (R)
Penny Bailey (D)
Alabama 7 Terri Sewell Democrat 2010 Running Terri Sewell (D)
Don Chamberlain (R)

2014 Statewide RacesEdit


  • Kevin Bass (D)
  • Parker Griffith (D)
  • Robert Bentley (R, incumbent)
  • Stacy Lee George (R)
  • Bob Starkey (R)

There is a limit to two consecutive terms as governor. However, after a break, the same person can run again (e.g., George Wallace).

Lieutenant GovernorEdit

  • James C. Fields, Jr. (D)
  • Kay Ivey (R, incumbent)
  • Stan Cooke (R)

Attorney GeneralEdit

  • Luther Strange (R, incumbent)
  • Joe Hubbard (D)

Secretary of StateEdit

  • James R. Bennett (R, incumbent)
  • Reese McKinney (R)
  • John Merrill (R)
  • James Perdue (R)
  • Lula Albert-Kaigler (D)

State AuditorEdit

  • Miranda Joseph (D)
  • Samantha Shaw (R, incumbent)
  • Dale Peterson (R)
  • Hobbie Sealy (R)
  • Adam Thompson (R)
  • Jim Zeigler (R)

State TreasurerEdit

  • Young Boozer (R, incumbent)
  • Joe Cottle (D)

State Commissioner of Agriculture & IndustriesEdit

  • John McMillan (R, incumbent)
  • Doug "New Blue" Smith (D)

Public Service Commission Place 1Edit

  • Jeremy Oden (R, incumbent)
  • Kathy Peterson (R)

Public Service Commission Place 2Edit

  • Terry Dunn (R, incumbent)
  • Phillip Brown (R)
  • Jonathan Barbee (R)
  • Chip Beeker (R)

Federal SenateEdit

  • Jeff Sessions (R, incumbent)

Federal House of RepresentativesEdit

District 1Edit

  • Bradley Byrne (R, incumbent)
  • Burton LaFlore (D)

District 2Edit

  • Martha Roby (R, incumbent)
  • Erick Wright (D)

District 3Edit

  • Mike Rogers (R, incumbent)
  • Thomas Casson (R)
  • Jesse T. Smith (D)

District 4Edit

  • Robert Aderholdt (R, incumbent)
  • Thomas E. Drake II (R)

District 5Edit

  • Mo Brooks (R, incumbent)
  • Jerry Hill (R)

District 6Edit

  • Paul DeMarco (R)
  • Will Brooke (R)
  • Chad Mathis (R)
  • Gary Palmer (R)
  • Scott Beason (R)
  • Robert Shattuck (R)
  • Tom Vigneulle (R)
  • Avery Wise (D)

District 7Edit

  • Terri Sewell (D, incumbent)
  • Tamara Harris Johnson (D)

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  • Alabama Secretary of State The Alabama Secretary of State's web page contains information and resources for Alabama state elections, voter registration information, and documentation of state government meetings and procedures.
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