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The anti-copyright movement envisages a complete abolition of copyright law.

  • Copyright creates artificial monopolies in a free market, and turns non-scarce goods into scarce goods. Copyright-controlled markets are not Pareto efficient. This reduces the overall wealth in society.
  • New technologies (such as anonymous P2P, wireless mesh networks, high capacity,inxepensive portable data carriers, and "sneakernets") will soon make copyright law unenforceable, at least in the personal non-business sphere. It is better to adapt the law to technological change rather than the other way around
  • There are enough incentives for creation of information without copyright, such as prestige. Small artists would even benefit from the absence of copyright law, because their main asset is exposure, not the ownership of their works.
  • Industries that aren't protected by copyright, such as the fashion industry, are thriving with creativity and competitiveness, since new ideas get copied and proliferate quickly.