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The people of Arizona will hold our primary election on September 12th, 2006.

US Senate[]

  • Jon Kyl (R) - Incumbent (cw)
  • Jim Pederson (D) - Former state Democratic Party chair. (cw) (DSCC)
  • Richard Mack (L) (cw)

United States House of Representatives[]

  • AZ-01 candidates:
    • Rick Renzi (R) incumbent.(hw) (cw)
    • Mike Caccioppoli (D) (cw)
    • Susan Friedman (D)
    • Jack Jackson Jr. (D) (cw)
    • Vic McKerlie (D) (cw)
    • Simon (D) (Winner)
  • AZ-02 candidates:
    • Trent Franks (R) incumbent.(hw) (cw)
    • John Thrasher (D) (Winner) (cw)
    • Suchindran "Chat" Chatterjee (D) (cw)
    • Gene Scherer (D) (cw)
    • William Crum (I) (cw)
  • AZ-03 candidates:
    • John Shadegg (R) incumbent.(hw) (cw)
    • Don Chilton (D) (Winner) (cw)
    • Herb Paine (D) (cw)
    • Mark Yannone (Libertarian) (cw)
  • AZ-04 candidates:
    • Ed Pastor (D) incumbent.(hw) (cw)
  • AZ-05 candidates:
    • J.D. Hayworth (R) incumbent.(hw) (cw)
    • Larry King (D) (cw)
    • Harry Mitchell (D) (Winner) (cw)
  • AZ-06 candidates:
    • Jeff Flake (R) (Winner) incumbent. (hw) (cw)
    • Russell Pearce (R) (cw)
    • Kevin Jackson (D) (cw)
  • AZ-07 candidates:
    • Raul Grijalva (D) incumbent.(hw) (cw)
    • Ron Drake (R) (Winner) (cw)
    • Sweeney (R)
  • AZ-08 candidates:
    • Jim Kolbe (R) incumbent. Retiring in 2006. Open Seat.
    • Republican candidates
      • Frank Antenori (R) (cw)
      • Keith Bee (R)
      • Tim Bee (R) (cw)
      • Ann Day (R) (Pima Council website)
      • Randy Graf (R) (Winner) (cw) - far right, challenged Kolbe in 2004 primary
      • Mike Hellon (R) - endorsed by Kolbe
      • Toni Hellon (R) (cw)
      • Pete Hershberger (R) (cw)
      • Steve Huffman (R) (cw)
      • Mike Jenkins (R) (cw)
      • John Munger (R)
      • Jonathan Paton (R) (AZ lege website)
      • Fred Ronstadt (R) (cw)
    • Democratic Candidates:
      • Ted Downing (D) (cw)
      • Fred DuVal (D)
      • Gabrielle Giffords (Winner) (D) (cw)
      • Jeff Latas (D) (cw)
      • Dwight Leister (D) (cw)
      • Alex Rodriguez (D) (cw)
      • Francine Shacter (D) (cw)
      • Tim Sultan (D) (cw)
      • Ramón Valadez (D) (Pima Council website)
      • Tom Volgy (D) (cw)
      • Patty Weiss (D) (cw)
    • Independent Candidate:
      • Bill Katzel (I)


The following state governor candidates will be on the ballot.



  • Don Goldwater
  • Len Munsil (Winner) ([1])
  • Harris
  • Tupper


Registering a domain name with a famous trademark or name in order to profit from it is a felony in Arizona. Arizona's governor Janet Napolitano may have done this with the famous name of one her Republican challengers - the nephew of the late Barry Goldwater.

The domain names and are forwarded to Governor Janet Napolitano's campaign website, while the correct address for Don Goldwater's web site is

State Legislature[]

Local elections[]

  • Arizona Local elections, 2006

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