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District Incumbent Party Elected Status Result
1 Ann Kirkpatrick Democratic 2012 Running Ann Kirkpatrick (Dem)
Gary Kiehne (Rep)
Adam Kwasman (Rep)
Andy Tobin (Rep)
Jim Brown (Rep)
2 Ron Barber Democratic 2012 Running Ron Barber (Dem)
Martha McSally (Rep)
Shelley M. Kais (Rep)
Charles A. Wooten (Rep)
3 Raúl Grijalva Democratic 2002 Running Raúl Grijalva (Dem)
Gabriela Saucedo Mercer (Rep)
Miguel Olivas (Rep)
4 Paul Gosar Republican 2010 Running Paul Gosar (Rep)
Mikel Weisser (Dem)
5 Matt Salmon Republican 2012 Running Matt Salmon (Rep)
James Woods (Dem)
James Samuelson (Ind)
6 David Schweikert Republican 2010 Running David Schweikert (Rep)
7 Ed Pastor Democratic 1991 Retiring Steve Gallardo (Dem)
Ruben Gallego (Dem)
Mary Rose Wilcox (Dem)
Jose Luis Penalosa (Ind)
8 Trent Franks Republican 2002 Running Trent Franks (Rep)
9 Kyrsten Sinema Democratic 2012 Running Kyrsten Sinema (Dem)
Wendy Rogers (Rep)
Andrew Walter (Rep)

Voters Guide[]

District 2[]

To be updated soon.

Issue Randy Graf (Rep) Gabrielle Giffords (Dem) David Nolan (Lib)
2nd Amendment Supports Against gun ownership Supports
Abortion Against Supports
America in the Middle East Supports the war in Iraq Pull out of Iraq now Pull out of Iraq as soon as feasible
Civil Liberties End War on Drugs
Economy Supports a balanced budget Supports a balanced budget
Supports an increased minimum wage
Supports fiscal responsibility
Supports Read the Bills Act
Education Opposes No Child Left Behind Act
Supports increasing funding
Energy Supports conversion to renewable energy at taxpayers' cost Supports tax credits for solar
Remove tax breaks for oil companies
Environmental protection Increase funding
Health care Supports portability of insurance Supports socialization on a state level
Illegal Immigration Secure the border Secure the border
Supports guest worker programs
Supports amnesty
Secure the border
Allow law-abiding immigrants citizenship
Same-sex marriage Supports traditional marriage
Against activist judges
Social Security Against privatization
Stem cell research
Taxation Raise taxes to pay for new programs
Note: These positions are taken from the candidates' official websites and and summarized to provide a quick guide. Please see the official websites for more information.