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From an email on the Campaigns-l mailing list
I am an independent filmmaker running in 2006 in New Mexico for House
District 23. I live in a changing community that now has only
Republican representation for our district at the legislature. I
haven't heard my voice supported in issues that matter to me like
healthcare, education, civil rights, living wage, water for our
future... actually the list of issues the incumbent has voted against
that would support children and/or families (public record) is
mind-boggling. And most voters seem to have no idea. How does that

Rather than let the incumbent run unopposed, this felt like the time to
"stand up" in this way. And now when possible, we try to have a camera
running. People can feel heard when a camera is rolling. Maybe we can
illuminate issues of democracy or why voting matters. Some of our clips
are making it to the website

Any help, support, volunteers or enthusiasm the internet community can
provide, our campaign would appreciate it.  I am not sure what exactly
the next 5 weeks will bring.

B. Anne Stirling
House District 23 Candidate
PEOPLE FIRST.....For a Change

Contributions and volunteer help welcome:
"Friends of Anne Stirling"
PO Box 3344 Corrales, NM 87048