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The 2006 Brazilian general elections will be held on October 1 and on October 29 (second round for the presidential and state gubernatorial ballots, if necessary), and will decide the president of Brazil, as well as governors, deputies (federal and state) and senators.


  • Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (incumbent) - Workers' Party (PT). Elected in 2002 and who will run for reelection in 2006. He will be accompanied again by current vice president José Alencar (PRB).
  • Geraldo Alckmin - Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB). The main opposition party announced Geraldo Alckmin, the former governor of the State of São Paulo, as its candidate for the 2006 presidential elections. Senator José Jorge (PFL) is Alckmin's running mate.
  • Heloísa Helena - Socialism and Freedom Party (PSOL). Senator, founded PSOL and announced her candidacy, after she was expelled from PT. Her running mate is economist César Benjamin. PSOL entered in a national coalition with PSTU and PCB.
  • Cristovam Buarque - Democratic Labour Party (PDT). A senator who left PT in 2005. His vice-president candidate will be Jefferson Peres, also a senator.
  • Rui Costa Pimenta - Workers Cause Party (PCO). This party has also been having minimal results in the previous elections and registered journalist Rui Costa Pimenta as a candidate.
  • Luciano Bivar - Social Liberal Party (PSL). Businessman, having the retired judge Américo de Souza as the vice-president candidate.
  • José Maria Eymael - Social Democratic Christian Party (PSDC). He ran for the same post in 1998.