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Bulgaria's politics are marked by a multitude of political parties and coalitions and by the traditional separation between "left", "right" and "centre". The right is considered the progressive part of the political spectrum, as the country is still finishing its wide democratic reforms. The left has the role of conservatives in Bulgaria as they are still associated with the country's communist past. The centre could be best described as following the traditional European ideas of the welfare state - a compromise between the free market ideology and that of socialism.

Past elections[]


During the most of the 1990s the two main parties were the UDF (Union of the Democratic Forces) on the right and the BSP (Bulgarian Socialist Party) on the left. The traditional third, then, was the MRF (Movement for Rights and Freedoms), a centrist party often associated with the country's Turkish population. The most popular organization in the centre today is the NMSS (National Movement Simeon the Second), a party founded by Bulgaria's ex-king.


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