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The following state races were on the ballot in California during the 2014 election.


California Gubernatorial Election



California retained its fifty-three seats. The election again used the top-two primary system in which primary elections list candidates from all parties on one ballot, and the top two vote-getters advance to the general election regardless of political party.

District Incumbent Party Elected Status Candidates
1 Doug LaMalfa Republican 2012 Running Doug LaMalfa (Rep)
Heidi Hall (Dem)
2 Jared Huffman Democratic 2012 Running Jared Huffman (Dem)
Dale Mensing (Rep)
3 John Garamendi Democratic 2009 Running John Garamendi (Dem)
Dan Logue (Rep)
4 Tom McClintock Republican 2008 Running Tom McClintock (Rep)
Art Moore (Rep)
5 Mike Thompson Democratic 1998 Running Mike Thompson (Dem)
James Hinton (Ind)
6 Doris Matsui Democratic 2005 Running Doris Matsui (Dem)
Joseph McCray, Sr. (Rep)
7 Ami Bera Democratic 2012 Running Ami Bera (Dem)
Doug Ose (Rep)
8 Paul Cook Republican 2012 Running Paul Cook (Rep)
Bob Conaway (Dem)
9 Jerry McNerney Democratic 2006 Running Jerry McNerney (Dem)
Tony Amador (Rep)
10 Jeff Denham Republican 2010 Running Jeff Denham (Rep)
Michael Eggman (Dem)
11 George Miller Democratic 1974 Retiring Mark DeSaulnier (Dem)
Tue Phan (Rep)
12 Nancy Pelosi Democratic 1987 Running Nancy Pelosi (Dem)
John Dennis (Rep)
13 Barbara Lee Democratic 1998 Running Barbara Lee (Dem)
Dakin Sundeen (Rep)
14 Jackie Speier Democratic 2008 Running Jackie Speier (Dem)
Robin Chew (Rep)
15 Eric Swalwell Democratic 2012 Running Eric Swalwell (Dem)
Hugh Bussell (Rep)
16 Jim Costa Democratic 2004 Running Jim Costa (Dem)
Johnny Tacherra (Rep)
17 Mike Honda Democratic 2000 Running Mike Honda (Dem)
Ro Khanna (Dem)
18 Anna Eshoo Democratic 1992 Running Anna Eshoo (Rep)
Richard Fox (Rep)
19 Zoe Lofgren Democratic 1994 Running Zoe Lofgren (Dem)
Robert Murray (Dem)
20 Sam Farr Democratic 1993 Running Sam Farr (Dem)
Ronald Kabat (Ind)
21 David Valadao Republican 2012 Running David Valadao (Rep)
Amanda Renteria (Dem)
22 Devin Nunes Republican 2002 Running Devin Nunes (Rep)
Suzanna Aguilera-Marrero (Dem)
23 Kevin McCarthy Republican 2006 Running Kevin McCarthy (Rep)
24 Lois Capps Democratic 1998 Running Lois Capps (Dem)
Chris Mitchum (Rep)
25 Buck McKeon Republican 1992 Retiring Tony Strickland (Rep)
Steve Knight (Rep)
26 Julia Brownley Democratic 2012 Running Julia Brownley (Dem)
Jeff Gorell (Rep)
27 Judy Chu Democratic 2009 Running Judy Chu (Dem)
Jack Orswell (Rep)
28 Adam Schiff Democratic 2000 Running Adam Schiff (Dem)
Steve Stokes (Ind)
29 Tony Cardenas Democratic 2012 Running Tony Cardenas (Dem)
William Leader (Rep)
30 Brad Sherman Democratic 1996 Running Brad Sherman (Dem)
Mark Reed (Rep)
31 Gary Miller Republican 1998 Retiring Paul Chabot (Rep)
Pete Aguilar (Dem)
32 Grace Napolitano Democratic 1998 Running Grace Napolitano (Dem)
Arturo Alas (Rep)
33 Henry Waxman Democratic 1974 Retiring Ted Lieu (Dem)
Elan Carr (Rep)
34 Xavier Becerra Democratic 1992 Running Xavier Becerra (Dem)
Adrienne Edwards (Dem)
35 Gloria Negrete McLeod Democratic 2012 Retiring Norma Torres (Dem)
Christina Gagnier (Dem)
36 Raul Ruiz Democratic 2012 Running Raul Ruiz (Dem)
Brian Nestande (Rep)
37 Karen Bass Democratic 2010 Running Karen Bass (Dem)
Adam King (Rep)
38 Linda Sanchez Democratic 2002 Running Linda Sanchez (Dem)
Benjamin Campos (Rep)
39 Ed Royce Republican 1992 Running Ed Royce (Rep)
Pete Anderson (Dem)
40 Lucille Roybal-Allard Democratic 1992 Running Lucille Roybal-Allard (Dem)
David Sanchez (Dem)
41 Mark Takano Democratic 2012 Running Mark Takano (Dem)
Steve Adams (Rep)
42 Ken Calvert Republican 1992 Running Ken Calvert (Rep)
Tim Sheridan (Dem)
43 Maxine Waters Democratic 1990 Running Maxine Waters (Dem)
John Wood (Rep)
44 Janice Hahn Democratic 2011 Running Janice Hahn (Dem)
45 John Campbell Republican 2005 Retiring Mimi Walters (Rep)
Drew Leavens {{Dem}
46 Loretta Sanchez Democratic 1996 Running Loretta Sanchez (Dem)
Adam Nick (Rep)
47 Alan Lowenthal Democratic 2012 Running Alan Lowenthal (Dem)
Andy Whallon (Rep)
48 Dana Rohrabacher Republican 1988 Running Dana Rohrabacher (Rep)
Suzanne Savary (Dem)
49 Darrell Issa Republican 2000 Running Darrell Issa (Rep)
Dave Peiser (Dem)
50 Duncan D. Hunter Republican 2008 Running Duncan D. Hunter (Rep)
James Kimber (Dem)
51 Juan Vargas Democratic 2012 Running Juan Vargas (Dem)
Stephen Meade (Rep)
52 Scott Peters Democratic 2012 Running Scott Peters (Dem)
Carl DeMaio (Rep)
53 Susan Davis Democratic 2000 Running Susan Davis (Dem)
Larry Wilske (Rep)