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This is an official policy of Campaigns Wikia as voted upon by the community.

Allow Points of View (APOV) is a policy that encourages people to express their viewpoints, and would discourage us from doing anything that would prevent others from expressing other viewpoints. If you disagree with something, explain why by participating in the discussion.

This is profoundly different from the Neutral Point of View required by Wikipedia, but accomplishes similar goals by getting people engaged in making the article better rather than stopping the development process.

Instead of preventing the education of people who have not yet made up their minds and want to learn from all sides, APOV allows us to learn from each other and understand other viewpoints. At a minimum, this policy allows us to keep an article growing and changing, rather than a repeating cycle of blocking and reverting.

Violations of the APOV policy may result in an edit war, which will be dealt with in accordance with the three-revert rule.

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Other wiki sites have come up with their own answers to NPOV. Here are some examples:

Every society creates rules to ensure that things work smoothly. Campaigns Wikia is no exception. Please work with everyone else, and allow for diversity and differences of opinion.