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  • How is this wiki different from (wikipedia/my favorite political forum/etc.)?

The campaigns wiki focuses on enabling candidates an Internet presence to manage a campaign and gain direct access to voters. It also allows for voters to have direct access to the candidates.

  • Sounds great! How do I get involved?

Find the candidate/election you are interested and contribute content!

  • ... but I don't see many candidates on this wiki!

This wiki has just started. Spread the word to your local candidates, get your favorite candidate involved. Better yet, volunteer with your favorite candidate and build a page for him/her using some of their campaign literature as a starting point.

  • ... but I don't have a favorite candidate!

There are plenty of other tasks to do. This is a global site! Don't be shy, find a part of the wiki that needs improving and start editing! A good place to start is by signing up for an account and creating a userpage. Then let us know who you are and where you are so people can contact you about local campaigns.

  • I have other questions that are not answered here!

Edit this page and add your questions. Also add answers to questions for which you know the answer. This is a global community effort!

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