There's lots to do! Here are a few examples of things that we are working on.

Voter GuidesEdit

  • Take a look at our Voter Guides page, and help fill in information about nations that don't have articles yet.
  • Go to your country & drill down to your state to help us collect information about upcoming elections and the candidates that will be on the ballot.
  • Make voter guides for elections with {{Candpositions}} and fill in the candidates' positions on the issues. Template is just a guideline; feel free to change the issues to suit your country or region.

Electoral CalendarEdit

  • Make sure that we're not missing any elections on the Electoral calendar. While Wikipedia limits their list to national elections, our list can include elections at any level.
  • Search the news about an upcoming election, and help collect information about that election on this site. Once the election is past, it becomes an encyclopedia entry for Wikipedia, but we can still create links for candidates, parties and issues that might have an effect in a future election.

Wanted PagesEdit


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