There's not only the high traffic Campaigns Wikia mailing list, there's also the possibilty to chat with each other. The Campaigns Wikia IRC channel is available to provide real time discussion on this wiki. It is located at the Campaigns Wikia CGI Gateway to IRC and #campaigns on the freenode IRC-network.

Wikia IRC login

Easy login to #campaigns at Wikia's IRC gateway

Note: When you access the channel, it reveals your IP address, but read about cloaks.

Easy chat Edit

You've already got a chat client? Edit

If you've already got a chat client installed on your computer, you can directly join the Campaigns Wikia channel at irc://

You don't want to install anything first? Edit

If you don't want to install a specific chat client on your computer for the time being, you can still access the IRC channel with almost every modern web browser by using the Wikia CGI IRC gateway. Just go to, enter a nickname, select #campaigns from the drop down list, and click "login".

This CGI IRC version only provides basic functionality, and, compared to common IRC clients, may also be a bit slow sometimes, but it's quite convenient for beginners or to get a first glimpse of the channel. See the cgiirc help page for more information.

General IRC help Edit

There is basic information, some help on using IRC, and more useful links on this page on Central Wikia.

See also: List of IRC commands

Meetings Edit

See Time and Date for a quick overview of the currect times in Adelaide (Australia), London (U.K.), Los Angeles (U.S.A.), (New York (U.S.A.), and UTC, if you plan an IRC meeting.

To be decided. Please state your preferences below, or just join the channel and see if someone's there. :-)

Saturday, September 9, 2006 1:00 UTCEdit


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Sunday, November 25, 2006Edit


  • chadlupkes
  • Whosawhatsis
  • Wikizach


  • Arbitration Board


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