The English Campaigns Wikia site is the central Campaigns website. The following people are admins:

The following is a list of core pages that all CW language sites are invited to create, along with links to each of the translations.


  • Main Page
    • de:Hauptseite
    • en:Campaigns Wikia
    • es:Portada
    • fr:Accueil
    • hu:Kezdőlap
    • it:Pagina principale
    • ja:メインページ
    • pl:Strona główna (not working yet)
    • pt:Wiki Política
    • zh:維政行動
  • Mission Statement
    • de:Kampagnen-Wikia:Leitbild
    • en:Mission Statement
    • es:Declaración de la misión
    • fr:Déclaration de mission
    • it:Dichiarazione D'intenti
    • ja:所信表明
    • pt:Convocatória Global
    • zh:行動使命
  • Volunteer
    • de:Kampagnen-Wikia:Übersetzungen
    • en:Volunteer
    • es:Voluntario
    • fr:Volontaire
    • hu:
    • it:
    • ja:ボランティア
    • pl:
    • pt:
    • zh:



For each language, list what strategic pages should we encourage people to translate, including countries that speak that language, important issues that affect the people in those countries, etc.

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