Every society creates rules to ensure that things work smoothly. Campaigns Wikia is no exception. Please work with everyone else, and allow for diversity and differences of opinion.

Official Campaigns Wikia PoliciesEdit

Official approval of these guidelines depends on signoff from Jimmy Wales. This is also a proposal. I'm not sure that any of us have the right to declare something official policy on a site we don't own and legally control. Chadlupkes 13:45, 23 August 2006 (UTC)

Copyrights (Applies to all Wikia sites)Edit

Wikia copyrights

Adopted Campaigns Wikia PoliciesEdit

Reconsideration of adopted policies is possible after amendments or an agreed upon time frame. If you are proposing an amendment to an adopted policy (or a failed proposal), it is useful to know how many of the people who voted during the original vote are still active users for lobbying purposes. This information can be found in Special:Listusers and the tree of the Adopted Campaings, if we consider as valid votes only the votes of the active users, can be found here. The inactivity number is set to 112 days.

The tree of the Adopted Campaigns Wikia Policies follows. The branches are sorted by percentage of acceptance. Last policy inserted: 2 July 2007

  1. Three-revert rule (10/2/1)
    1. Three-revert rule:Policy violation amendment (4/1/0)
  2. Qualifications to vote (7/0/0)
  3. Protected page guidelines (6/0/0)
  4. Single Point of View (5/0/1)
  5. Requests for Adminship (6/1/0)
    1. Requests for Adminship:Two-thirds vote amendment (6/0/0)
  6. Signed statements (4/0/0)
  7. Deletion policy (4/0/0)
  8. Voting Procedure (4/0/1)
  9. Policy amendment policy (5/1/0)
  10. Identification policy (3/0/1)
  11. Category policy (5/2/0)
    1. Category policy:Clarification amendment (1/0/0)
  12. Allow Points of View (6/3/0)
  13. Citation policy (3/1/0)
  14. No personal attacks (1/0/0)

Proposals may be adopted after a community poll. Votes will be scheduled after a month of discussion. Please weigh in.

Proposed Campaigns Wikia PoliciesEdit

Current Policy VotesEdit

Upcoming Policy VotesEdit

This section is for new proposals.

*Proposals marked with an asterisk have been implemented and are being enforced pending a formal vote, due to immediate need and a consensus of the admins. These proposals will be voted upon just like any other.

Proposals not adoptedEdit

The following proposals were made, but failed their initial approval vote (51%). Reconsideration is possible after amendments or an agreed upon timeframe.

  1. Vote Ties (1/1/0)
  2. Civility (1/2/0)
  3. Active Voters Policy (2/3/0)
  4. Vote Change Policy(1/3/1)
  5. Policy expiration policy(1/3/0)
  6. All Points of View (2/4/0)
  7. Conditional Votes Policy (1/4/0)
  8. Impartial Category Policy (2/6/0)
  9. Arbitration Board (1/5/1)
  10. Proportional Party Affiliation Guideline (1/6/0)
  11. Recursive Votes Policy (0/5/1)

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