Campaigns Wikia is a tool that everyone can use, and this tour provides an overview of the core concepts and important pieces that make up the website.


Wikipedia started with the idea that lots of people working together could create something useful, and it's the most successful grassroots project in history. The technology behind the site makes changing a page as easy as Edit, Type, Save.

On July 4th, 2006, Jimmy Wales launched Campaigns.Wikia.Com with the same idea, that lots of people working together could create a tool that would be useful for political education and action. The technology behind the site is the same as Wikipedia.

Campaigns has the potential to provide a way for people to share and build an information resource covering any candidate in any race in any country in any language.

Mission StatementEdit

The other main idea of Campaigns is that it's time to get away from having other people tell us what to think or what our choices are. Broadcast media gives us Broadcast politics, while Participatory media gives us Participatory politics.

Voter GuidesEdit

One of the first things that we put together is a list of countries, gathering information from Wikipedia and the United Nations. Not all of these countries have Democratic Governments, but all of them have people who should have a voice in their government.

Electoral calendarEdit

Also originally copied from Wikipedia, our election calendar lists any election that people are willing to share. One difference is that we are interested in much more than just national races that would interest a global audience. Any local race where the people have a vote can be added to our list.


Any written language that the Wikimedia Foundation has a skin for, we can use. Currently we have infrastructure built in 11 different languages.


Where Wikipedia has Neutral Point of View (NPOV), Campaigns has Allow Points of View (APOV). If people are willing to sign in and take responsibility for what they believe, they have the right to express those beliefs.

Allow Points of View (APOV) is a policy that encourages people to express their viewpoints, and would discourage us from doing anything that would prevent others from expressing other viewpoints. If you disagree with something, explain why by participating in the discussion.

Not an EncyclopediaEdit

While much of the information that we are collecting is of an encyclopedic nature, we need to focus on the future. Once an election is over, relevant information should be copied to the Internet's Encyclopedia (Wikipedia) for that community to hash over. That leaves us free to focus on future elections.


Wikipedia is designed for a global audience, and candidates for a local school board might not be viable on that site. Campaigns welcomes pages and information about such candidates, because we recognize that all politics is local and all activism is personal.

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