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Child molestation is the act of sexually molesting a child under the Age of Consent. Molestation is defined as "subjecting to unwanted or improper sexual activity".

This is a highly controversial issue in the media and society in general. Many people advocate longer sentences for people convicted of child molestation.


There have been many studies into the sexual orientation of people who sexually molest children. These studies have produced conflicting results, with some studies suggesting that paedophiles commit the majority of these crimes and other studies suggesting that situational offenders are mainly responsible.

Ken Lanning of the FBI, after developing a newer methodology of investigating child molesters states this, "This newer typology places all sex offenders, not just child molesters, along a motivational continuum, Situational to Preferential, instead of into one of two categories. It is a continuum, not one or the other."

In other words, there isn't a simple situational or preferential, it is a continuum in which one blurs into the other.

The debate regarding the main perpetrators of child molestation is increasingly becoming a topic of public of debate.


Child molestation is a serious and arrestable offence. People convicted of child molestation often serve long sentences.