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Daniel McGowan is an environmental and social justice activist from New York City.

Political prisoner status[]

Daniel McGowan is a political prisoner as identified by Prison Activist Resource Center.

He was arrested in a multi-state raid against the environmental community that revealed itself to be part of a much larger wave of repression known as the "Green Scare." On 2007 June 4 McGowan was sentenced to seven years in prison for charges of conspiracy and arson. These charges relate to two eco-defense actions that occurred in Oregon in 2001. While Daniel took a guilty plea and accepted responsibility for his own actions, he and three other defendants refused to name names as part of their "global resolution" plea deal. During his sentencing, Daniel was given a "terrorism" enhancement to his sentence, based on his involvement in acts of property destruction which hurt no living being. The National Lawyers Guild has decried this sentencing enhancement as an "unnecessary and excessive government tactic to discourage the exercise of free speech."


  • “Those in power have not dealt with global warming. That, in my opinion, is a crime. Old-growth forests in Oregon are still being logged, genetically engineered trees and crops are still being introduced into the environment and the only success I see is when people organize and pressure governments and corporations to change their behavior.”

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