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The digital environment does offer us the ability to share information and to create and distribute easily.

What ideas do you have about how we can make good business models which make use of this?

Creative Commons Author, sells books through book stores as well as distributing creative commons stories online and encouraging adaptations such as a poster of his novel Down and out in the magic kingdom by Aki Kyozoku.
"Well, the fifth and final song for remixing (I Can I Will I Do in case the title didn't tip you off) is now up for your stem downloading, Garage Band noodling, creative-juices flowing pleasure. Click here to take you to the remix site where you can download the stems, upload your mixes and listen and rate others. Remember all proceeds from the release of the remix EP will go to charities close to band's heart. Have fun! Be creative!"

Nil 0

Restricted 1

Conditional 2

Free 4


no access

restricted access

conditional access

access freely


view only

restricted use

conditional use, fair use

free use, chattel


no mods

restricted mods

conditional modifications

modify freely


no distribute

restricted distribute

conditional distribute

free distribution


no future guarantees for derivatives

restricted support for derivatives to be free

conditional support for derivatives to be free

derivatives will be free

Greetings The above is a tablefish to sift licenses through. Put license in and map to the kinds of rights it specifies Use table to generate an access model similar to unix file access rights. eg. GPL is 77733 The condition that the source is released enables freedom for derivatives of distributed works. Public domain is 77770 no guarantee of freedom for derivatives. A printed book is 77700 if it has no right to modify or distribute but is able to be sold second hand. These codes are a machine readable or search engine readable way to start sorting information so citizens/users/adapters/customers can choose their information and technology purchases in an informed way. the idea is that any license could be mapped in this way. This is a coarse filter to help people identify what kinds of licenses meet their needs. What do you think? How should it differ?

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