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Should the United States School systems be funded publically or privately?

This is what we can agree on.

The goals that we are trying to reach[]

Some Goals of Elementary Education[]

  1. Education has costs as well as benefits. The goal should not be the maximal amount of education, but the efficient level of education.
  2. Every child should have equal access to high quality education. Without access, the curriculum is a moot point.
  3. All teachers should be highly qualified.
  4. Topics should be presented in an engaging manner so all students are involved.
  5. Differing viewpoints should be offered on topics of dissention, and theories should be taught as such and not labeled as fact.
  6. Critical thinking should be encouraged.

Some Goals of Secondary Education[]

  1. Every child should have access to high quality education
  2. All teachers should be highly qualified
  3. Multiple styles of teaching should be used; Multiple forms of assessment should also be used.
  4. Critical thinking should be encouraged.
  5. Career exploration should begin
  6. Students should encounter different cultures, religions, ideas, and social structures and reflect on the experience.
  7. Pseudoscience must be discouraged. Children should have a clear understanding of what is fact, fiction, and theoretical.
  8. Education should be college preparatory.
  9. Students must be EDUCATED and not simply trained. They need to be taught how to think for themselves and how to formulate their own intelligent ideas.
  10. Students should Learn how to Learn.

Teaching lab grant[]

To test the validity of teaching techniques a set of annual teaching lab grants is proposed. Every year a set of teachers will be nominated to participate. They will attend summer classes to train them in the methods under study. The following school year 15 random students will be selected (with parental approval) from the school to be used for the study. At the end of the school year the instructor will create a final report of the students progress, and the students will be given free summer school, free after school tutoring for the next year, and a guaranteed class size of no more than 15 students to offset any learning problems during the study. - Bmackenty 04:15, 12 July 2006

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