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Currently, Evan Bayh is serving as a U.S. Senator for Indiana. He was first elected to the Senate in 1998.

Senate Committees[]

Senator Bayh serves on the following Senate committees:

  • Select Committee on Intelligence
  • Armed Services Committee
  • Special Committee on Aging
  • Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs
  • Small Business Committee


Senator Bayh was born December 26th 1955. He was earned a BS from Indiana University in 1978 and a JD from the University of Virginia in 1982.

Bayh was Indiana Secretary of State 1986-89 and in 1989 became Governor, a position he held until 1997.

Presidential Aspirations[]

"Before becoming a senator, Bayh was the youngest U.S. governor when elected at 33 to lead Indiana in 1988. He filed papers with the Federal Election Commission on Dec. 5 to create a presidential exploratory committee and said at the time he would make a final decision in early 2007." [1]

He withdrew from the presidential campaign field December 15th, 2006.