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The Soviet Federation and the Unique Federation have already became political allies based on shared economic interest. In recent years military cooperation became a serious issue.


Whereas the Soviet Federation and the Unique Federation have many mutual interests, it is proposed that a superfederation be formed to supersede both entities.


All members of the merged common market will be members of the to-be-named Superfederation. This will be the entity that directs politics, culture, diplomacy, and the economy.

Several regional federations will be formed, to be termed units, branches, segments, or something else. These will be based on historical considerations, diplomacy, or defense initiatives. These will consist of any number of members to be determined by the units themselves.



The Superfederation will be run by a parliament of eleven members to be elected directly from the general membership of the common market. These members may represent local blocs and larger parties or they may run as independents. The leader of the government will be chosen by those elected to parliament. Governments will last no longer than 20 years.


Each unit will determine for itself how it selects its leaders. Democratic leadership will be encouraged.