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So you want elected officals pay attention to the people?

Here's how:

Replace the political machines with a real machine: The Electoral Corruption Killer or TECK.

TECK is an open proxy system (initially in a 120 line Perl CGI script) letting you throw your support to whoever your "political boss" or proxy tells you to support. In essence, you are agreeing to at least vote for, if not actively campaign for, whoever your "political boss" tells you to support.

What's this about a "political boss"? Why would you want to support a candidate some "political boss" tells you to support?

First of all, you choose your boss the same way a corporate stockholder can proxy their shareholder votes. You can find out what your political boss is doing with your proxy at any time and everyone can verify publically that the system is honest because everyone's proxy is open. If you decide you don't like what your political boss is doing you can throw your proxy to someone else.

Second of all, politics consists of compromises worked out primarily during electoral campaigns. You do a favor for a candidate and he owes you when he is elected. One voter can't go up to a candidate and negotiate a deal trading off one issue against another and expect to get his voice heard unless he represents a lot of money or a lot of people. TECK makes it so someone can be "elected" to a position of "political boss" by a bunch of people, directly or indirectly approving of his role representing them in electoral negotiations thereby getting themselves collective bargaining power to negotiate themselves meaningful political compromises.

TECK was originally written to make it so that people could register their approval of specific pieces of legislation, but by simply replacing the legislative identifiers with candidate identifiers, the same proxy system can turn into an electoral negotiation tool in which the ordinary people have as much or more say than the money people, the media people or the old political machine people.

Jabowery 21:14, 7 July 2006 (UTC)
OK JABO(HeHe; thats German for fighter bomber). Let's say I wanted to use this Perl code of yours to help effect a result in a senate race in Virginia, using a Wikia Page for the candidate , and some back up position papers pages as the total show. I thought I had wasted 2 days in a sterile desert, barraged by frivolus emails. Perhaps you and I could collaborate on THE NEW MODEL WIKIA POLITICAL ACTION PAGE. Please respond back.MakharramKhan 00:58, 8 July 2006 (UTC)
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