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Frank Murkowski is running as the incumbent for the office of governor of the State of Alaska in 2006. Murkowski's campaign website lists the following accomplishments and goals for the governor.

  • tough sentences for sex offenders
  • reduced bureaucracy
  • $10 billion increase in Gross State Product over 3 years
  • largest investment in K-12 education in Alaska history
  • working on an agreement to build a natural gas pipeline

Natural Gas Pipeline[]

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Probably the hotest issue for this election is a proposed natural gas pipeline from the North Slope. Alaskans overwhelmingly support the construction of such a pipeline, but there are great disagreements over how negotations should be carried out between the state and the oil companies. The oil companies would provide the investment capital for construction of the pipeline. Murkowski's plan is criticized for locking Alaska into a deal with specific companies who would be free to build the pipeline or not based on their own business needs. The plan also promises reduced taxes and legal immunity for the oil companies.

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