At the top of each page there are several tabs (see image below). The leftmost 2 represent the article you're looking at, and that article's Talk page.

Help1 tabs

The tabs at the top of each page give you a range of editing options.

Article tab: Refreshes the view of the page. The tab shows the namespace.

Talk page: This is a link to the talk page for each article or project page.

Edit: This is the link you hit if you want to edit the entire page.

On talk pages, you will also see a + tab, letting you add something to the bottom of the conversation thread.

History: This shows a list of changes. You can view exactly what changed by selecting two points in history and hitting compare.

Protect: (Admins only) - This link enables protection of a page. Protection exists at two levels, either to restrict the page to signed in users instead of IP addresses or to restrict the page to admins only.

Delete: (Admins only) - Deletes the page, including all history.

Move: This changes the name of the page and moves the history of the page as well.

Watch: If you are signed in, this will put the page on your watchlist, or let you unwatch the page if it is already there.

It is traditional in a MediaWiki wiki to make a distinction between an ARTICLE page and a TALK page. An article page is typically a group statement... it can be neutral (easiest) or a statement from a particular perspective (this can work too as long as the context is established at the start and the title makes it clear). Then, threaded discussion takes place on the discussion tab.

For instance, this page's talk page is located here: Help talk:Editing Tips. Discussion about the page you are currently reading would go there. The point is that the article is what we are building, as a group, in a spirit of mutual respect, and the discussion is where we, again in a spirit of mutual respect, hash out our difficulties or differences in the shared document.

If you are going to create a new page, check if a similar page already exists. Does it make more sense to make a page with your view of the issue as the title, or just a generic name? What belongs on the corresponding pages?

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