Here are six quick steps to get started on this wiki.This should take you ten minutes.

Wiki editing is designed to be simple but powerful. This means you can learn just 2 or 3 things now and be productive, and then you can learn all the advanced stuff later.

  1. Create an account on the wiki if you haven't. This is separate to the mailing list signup.
    Email is optional, but it would be best if you add it so that Jimmy Wales could contact you later with updates or whatever. Also, this will allow other people to contact you through the site without revealing your email address to them. Very useful for building community relationships.
  2. Create your userpage! Up in the top right hand corner of the screen, you will see your username. Click on that. If you do not yet have a userpage, you will be taken directly to the edit screen for it. Type in something like this:
    I am Jimmy Wales, and I live in [[Florida]], in the [[United States]].
    And click on "Save page" at the bottom of the page.
    See those square brackets around Florida? That is what creates a link to a page. If your location does not yet have a page, then the link will be red.
  3. Change something about your userpage. Now you are looking at your new userpage, which is pretty simple. Add something else by clicking "edit" and then modifying the text there, and then click on "Save page" again. Voila!
  4. Review the history. Click on the 'history' tab. You will see all of the edits to your page. For any page of wikia you can do this: click on the history and see the entire history.
  5. Compare two versions. From this 'history' tab, use the little circles to pick any two versions. (Probably if you have just started and you are following this tutorial, you have only two versions.) Then click on the button "Compare selected versions".
  6. Now go to Forum:Who we are and add yourself to that page. Follow the format of those who are already there. Notice how Jimmy did his at the top of that page: [[User:Jimbo Wales|Jimmy Wales]]
    See the pipe character in the middle? The thing on the left is what you are linking to (your user page) and the thing on the right is what will display on the page (your name).

That is all for today! More tutorials soon, which will also be posted on the wiki.

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