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Houston, the largest city in Texas (population estimated at over 2 million as of 2005) and seat of Harris County, will next hold a general election on November _, 2015. All 14 City Council positions (5 At-Large and 9 geographical districts) will be up for election, along with the offices of Mayor and City Controller. This is a non-partisan election and a majority must be reached in order for a victory - otherwise, a runoff will be held in December.

Below is a list of current officeholders:

Mayor: Annise Parker
City Controller: Ronald Green
At Large 1: Stephen Costello
At Large 2: Andrew C. Birk, Jr.
At Large 3: Melissa Noriega
At Large 4: Clarence Bradford
At Large 5: Jack Christie
District A: Helena Brown
District B: Jerry Davis
District C: Ellen Cohen
District D: Wanda Adams
District E: Dave Martin
District F: Al Hoang
District G: Oliver Pennington
District H: Ed Gonzalez
District I: James Rodriguez
District J: Mike Laster
District K: Larry Green