Persons can enter a country illegally by sneaking across the border or by outstaying a temporary visa. Some do this seeking a better life in their new country than in their homeland. Some do this with the intention to do harm.

Note: If they flee from war or natural disaster, then we call them refugees. Or if they fail to cross an international border, internally displaced persons.

On foot from Central America to Mexico. Across the desert from Mexico to the USA. Or in boats crossing from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico (a US posession). Or from Tunisia to Sicily (an Italian posession). Or from Indonesia to Australia. The problem is global. Each country is dealing with the problem in their own way, but there is no international dialog looking for a global solution. So, let's talk about it. What goals are we reaching for? What are the milestones to reach those goals? What resources are needed to reach those milestones? How do we put those resources to bear?

Should our local economies depend on cheap labor from other countries, if that cheap labor enters illegally? Most people don't think so. Options are to create more legal ways for them to enter, such as a guest worker program, or to enforce the border.

Go to the links below, or add a new link to your country and talk about the problem in your country. Let's determine what the issues are, and come up with solutions for those problems.

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