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Important races in Illinois (or at least important enough for comments here. Please add your own!):

6th Congressional District[]

Henry Hyde (R) is retiring. Peter Roskam (R) faces Tammy Duckworth (D) in November.

Hyde is retiring. R Peter Roskam faces D Rahm Emanuel-Duckworth as Rahm seeks to represent 2 districts at the same time.
Rahm cannot beat Roskam in this Republican leaning district.
But Roskam ... and especially his supporters ... can beat themselves by saying or doing something stupid. spintreebob 04:31, 11 July 2006

8th Congressional District[]

D Bean did not win in '04, R Phil Crane lost it for himself by being invisible in the R leaning district for a decade. His office provided zero constituent serice, especially on the powerful committee where he was senior member, the House Ways and Means Committee that controls the IRS and Social Security. The #1 constituent service opportunity is the abuse of taxpayers by the IRS.
'06 is a different race. D Bean now faces R McSweeney. Unlike Crane, Dave McSweeney is highly visible in the district. The Republican organizations are unified behind him, which is highly unusual in Illinois. McSweeney has an extremely large number of grassroots volunteer activists. He comes from their ranks and a bond of comraderie exists.
Meanwhile, Bean has major problems with her Democrat base. Bean has tried to triangulate and posture in the middle, being highly visible but avoiding hard stands on issues. The union members are not buying this. The building trades and teamssters that in this district worked hard and voted overwhelmingly for Republican Peter Fitzgerald in '98 are back and not happy with Bean. It appears the plumbers, electricians, riggers, etc will overwhelmingly support McSweeney.
The other half of the unions, the public employee unions, are far to the left of positionless Bean. They are a significant minority in the district and out of step with the majority in the district. They see their feeding at the taxpayer trough as their "RIGHT" that can't be taken away. They will probably vote for Bean. But there is little enthusiasm to work for her.
- spintreebob 04:43, 11 July 2006

17th Congressional District[]

Besides the Republican leaning suburban 6th and 8th districts, this downstate 17th district in forgottonia is the only other open seat worthy of note in Illinois. Sick Lane Evans is retiring.
Neither R nor D candidate has name recognition nor top tier quality. The district is gerrymandered Democrat in a way that would make Texas envious. It has no commonality with anything. No common media. No common issues. Winning depends on either spending big money in many small media markets, or in energizing the local organizations or in hoping the other side is as unprepared to win and your side is, which it is.
- spintreebob 04:49, 11 July 2006