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My Countrymen,

It is painfully evident that the Democrats are intent on doing nothing to rid this country of the biggest idiot to sit in the White House this century. In fact they want George Bush to remain in office so that the war in Iraq becomes so unpopular as to insure a Democratic victory in the next election. Young men will continue to die to serve a political end while the Democrats repeatedly bring measures before congress they know will never pass.

I want to call for for the impeachment of both George W. Bush and Dick Cheney by circulating a petition through all fifty states charging him with the following.

1. Lying to the American people during the run up to the Iraq war.

2. Selective manipulation of intelligence leading up to the Iraq war.

3. The awarding of contracts for the Iraq war to political favorites without competitive bidding.

4. The politicizing of virtually every branch of the federal government including those that are by tradition supposed to be independent.

5. Complete incompetence.

I would like gather as many signatures in every state as possible by the first of the year and present them to Congress no later than the 5th of January, 2008. I need help. I need someone with a legal background to write the petition, I'm just a simple working man, and I'll need volunteers in all fifty states. Most of all I'll need money. I don't think this can be accomplished by volunteers alone in this time frame. If anyone can think of additional charges bring against Bush and Chaney submit them to me at If you would to make a donation please send it to the following address.

Impeachment Now 
25033 Frontier Cir.
Flat rock, Mi 48134

Thank you,

Lawrence Hammock