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Citizen j is the viral name for Jack Beavers, a political outsider from Seattle, WA. He is running for president in 2008 on an nonpartisan platform whose underlying meme is dissolution of the electoral system. Other planks include returning the executive branch to it's proper balance and reorganisation of the agencies responsible for homeland security. Citizen j is often considered to be leftist, although leftists are wary of his states' rights stance toward issues such as gun control and the death penalty.

The campaign has spread to 5 states, notably including California and Texas. It is a voter initiative campaign, stressing the importance of individual responsibility and action in the democratic process. Petitions have been circulating for 5 months, but no numbers are available at this time.

The candidate has no prior voting record, owing to his never having held an office at any level. No funding has come from any disclosed source, the headquarters and communications network is apparently facilitated on various internet sites and forumns.

Born in San Jose, CA on August 14, 1967, Mr Beavers grew up during the Santa Clara Valley's shift from agriculture to technology centered economy. His schooling culminated with a major in history and political economics from San Jose State University, where he was involved in the Progressive Student Party's doomed campaign in 1986. His politics had always run left of center, and increasing study of Marxist theory under Dr Douglas Dowd solidified a monopoly capitalist understanding of economics. His involvement with the radical groups Earth First! and SAFER may or may not continue, although the later was for the most part dissolved following an FBI investigation in 1989. His activist stance has been tempered by his penchent for hunting, though, making his personal politics much more in line with Teddy Roosevelt's Progressive Party than he would like.

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A declaration is available for download on his Web site (petition), and a public blog is available.