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James (Jim) Moran (Dem) is the current representative elected for the eigth (8th) district of Virginia. He was first elected in 1990.

Group Ratings[]

  • NARAL Pro Choice America rating of 100% in 2005 [1]
  • NARAL Pro Choice America rating of 100% in 2004 [2]

Defining Actions[]

  • In March of 2003 Jim Moran accused American Jews of pushing the country towards a war with Iraq.[3] He later stepped down from his position as Democratic Leader in the House.
    • He is also accused of making anti-semetic comments in private (known as the Secrest allegation) saying: "I don't speak that way, I don't think that way and this didn't happen," [4] Secrest refused to say exactly what the comment was, and no one else present has come forth with a statement.

Defining Positions[]

  • Abortion: His 100% rating by the NARAL group confirms his pro-choice stance
  • Anti-Semitism: Has been quoted in public blaming American Jews for the rush to war with Iraq in 2003
  • The War in Iraq (2003): His comments about Jews pushing for the war was a rationalization for being against it, so it would appear that Jim Moran stands against the war, though the specific details of how he feels about handling that situation are not immediately apparent from this action.
  • Washington DC: cosponsor of legislation to provide the District of Columbia voting representation in Congress
  • Gay Rights: Voted against the Defense of Marriage Act which allowed states to decide if they would allow gay marriage. DOMA allowed one state to not honor the marriages of other states, if the marriage was "gay." Voting agaisnt this shows that Jim Moran is for, at least some, gay rights.

Re-Election Information[]

Re-Election year: 2006 Opponents:

Contact Information[]

Washington Office 2239 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, DC 20515-4608 PHONE (202) 225-4376

Virginia Office 5115 Franconia Road, Suite B Alexandria, VA 22310 PHONE (703) 971-4700