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Support for outsourcing[]

Although many technology based jobs are being outsourced to India and China, I think it is important to allow outsourcing. It helps American companies reduce operating expenses and provide back greater returns to their investors, their employees (with 401k for instance) and continue to stay competitive in their respective industries. For those who lose their jobs, they must adapt and either seek a new job in the same field, or change their professions. This will drive some Americans and some companies towards innovating new roles as new technologies and ideas are developed. To hold back outsourcing is playing favorites with business decisions. It is unethical, and although stopping it may save someone's job, it robs money from the pockets of others, and jeopardizes the ability of the company to competitively compete in the global market.

Note: for those who expand upon this article, please eventually include a separation between job outsourcing and offshoring, because there is a difference. Perhaps there will be a good debate over a law of ethics for outsourcing (such as wage laws in the country being outsourced to).

A. Ethics is between freedom to choose with relatively free peoples, as in Mexico, India, etc and managed slavery as in China-Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia-NKorea, etc.

B. Inside the ethical realm, people in the USA have 3 choices:

  1. Hire immigrants
  2. Ship the jobs overseas (whether outsource to a 3d party vendor or insource to a foreign subsidiary is immaterial from a US person's perspective.
  3. Kill the project.

The US has record low unemployment. IT projects have only these 3 choices. Under choices 2 and 3 I am out of a job. Under choice #1 I work in a shop that is 1/3 immigrant. I choose #1. spintreebob

Opposition to outsourcing[]

For 200 years, the United States maintained a low unemployment rate by the use of tariffs and other measures. One of the very first laws ever to pass in the new Congress was the Hamilton tariff, which put a 5-10 percent tariff on manufactured goods. This was done for two reasons, income for the Federal Government and for the protection of domestic industry.

Outsourcing has done a great disservice to our domestic industries, forcing people out of work, and often out of a pension that they have earned. We need to understand the background of our free trade policies before we can choose to keep it going.