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John Binkley served in the Alaska legislature from 1985 to 1990 and on the Bethel City Council from 1982 to 1985. He has operated businesses in the tourist industry, including the Riverboat Discovery and El Dorado Goldmine. Previously he established a riverboat freight company in Bethel Alaska.

2006 Republican Primary[]

John Binkley is seeking the Republican Party's nomination for the office of governor during the 2006 Alaska primary election.

The incumbent, Steve Murkowski, originally criticised Binkley's resume for being misleading about the engineering degree he pursued at the University of Michigan. Murkowski later appologised saying he "was wrong." Sarah Palin accuses Binkley of dithering in his support of Murkowski. Binkley had supported the current governor months before deciding to run himself. Binkley criticizes Palin for having insufficient political experience.

Binkley feels that Murkowski's oil tax plans are a give away to the oil industry, a position he shares with Palin. A central theme of his campaign is criticism of Murkowski's alleged ethical lapses. Binkley is probably reffering to Murkowski's cozy relationship with the oil industry, but the most commonly cited specific example refers to Murkowski's purchase and use of a state jet for his campaign.

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