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The Liberal Intellectuals Party (L.I.P) is a political party in the micronation of Kafaidh, hoping to spread to the UK. It is a liberal party that says in the manifesto 'Our aim is to introduce an idea of peace everywhere and even more public control.'


  • 'Education should be free and should teach Sex, LGBT understanding and a foreign language from a young age.'
  • 'We should exit the EU, as we are Britain, and Britain needs to be controlled by Brits. We also need more control over who comes in, and the EU is not helping that.'
  • 'Benefits should be given to the disabled, elderly and poor people who work.'
  • 'The NHS should be free and you should be able to donate to them.'
  • 'Any homophobia will cause 3 years in prison, or expulsion in a school. The LGBT community can love and marry who they want.'

They are led by M. Stinchcombe and can be accessed on