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MAA is an acronym that stands for minor-attracted-adult or minor-attracted-adolescent. MAAs can be sexually attracted slightly, equally, primarily or perhaps "exclusively" to minors.

This description does not imply any action, rather it describes an attraction which some call a "sexual orientation". It incorrect to assume or say that someone will act sexually towards those they are attracted to, contrary to popular belief. It is unfair to make an exception in this case.

The term minor here denotes a person of either gender who is not yet an adult (at the age of legal majority), and would be classed roughly as someone aged between 0 and 18 years depending on nationality.

There may be civil rights movements that favors MAAs and also significant opposition to them.


  • Nepiosexuality: a sexual orientation focused on babies/toddlers. (synonymous with 'nepiophilia')
  • Paedosexuality: a sexual orientation focused on prepubescents. (synonymous with 'paedophilia;' coined by Krafft-Ebing)
  • Hebephilia: focused on pubescents.
  • Ephebosexuality: a sexual orientation focused on adolescents. (synonymous with 'ephebophilia;' probably coined by Bernard Glueck)
  • Teleiosexuality: a sexual orientation focused on adults. (coined by Kurt Freund)
  • Gerontophilia: focused on geriatrics
  • Androphilia: focused on males
  • Gynephilia: focused on females
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