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What's your perspective?

As a way of starting a deeper conversation around MAAs, please post your "Perspective" below. This will give us a clear structure for looking at all the diverse and interesting perspectives we all hold. Each Perspective may be formatted as follows:

"I am _______, and I believe _______."

What counts is what we believe. I am may be used to put your statement in context.

Remember to "sign" your comment with four tildes (~~~~)
  • I am serious, and I believe that you won't get much comments if you'll demand all statements here have to start by "I am...". At least not much Pro statements. Make of that what you will, but it appears pretty certain at least to me. --TlatoSMD 07:54, 18 August (CEST)

It appears to me that using the title MAA is simply an attempt to provide those who abuse minors (paedophiles) with a more respectable label. --Stretchweider 15:01, 30 August 2007

Thank you Mr. Stretchweider, I do read my local Reactionary Government Propaganda and "Concerned Mothers of America" papers too, so no need to enlighten me with your commonplace ethnocentric pulp. Or let me quote "The offence" (1972), starring Sean Connery and Ian Banning and dealing exactly with our sexuological and socio-psychological topic at hand: "Don't beat me for the thoughts that are in your head. I don't wanna have your thoughts!" --TlatoSMD 14:45, 24 September 2007 (CEST)

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