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The Maine gubernatorial election of 2006 will be held on November 7, 2006, and will be a race for the Governor of Maine. The winning candidate will serve from 2007 to 2011.

Current incumbent, Democrat John Baldacci, is running for re-election. His current approval rating is 41% [1]

The primary election was held on June 13, 2006. John Baldacci faced only token opposition from Christopher Miller, and won 76% of the primary vote. State Senator Chandler Woodcock was the winner of a three-way race for the Republican nomination with 39% of the vote.


Democratic Party[]

  • John Baldacci - Incumbent Governor, Former Congressman (campaign site)

Republican Party[]

  • Chandler E. Woodcock - (former Assistant Senate Minority Leader), Baptist minister, and high school teacher (campaign site)

Independents/Minor Parties[]

  • Alex Hammer (Independent - Write-In) - Publisher (campaign site)
  • David Jones (Independent) - Developer (campaign site)
  • Pat LaMarche (Green Party) - Businesswoman, Radio Talk Show Host, '04 VP Nominee & '98 Nominee (campaign site)
  • Barbara Merrill (Independent) - State Representative - Author (campaign site)
  • John Michael (Independent) Ex-State Rep., Businessman, Ex-Democrat & '02 Candidate
  • Phillip Morris Napier (Independent) USAF Veteran & Felons United Founder & '02 Candidate (campaign site)

Former Candidates (Unsuccessful Primary Candidates)[]


  • Christopher Miller - Internet Service Provider & Ex-Solar Home General Contractor


  • Dave Emery - former Congressman
  • Peter Mills - State Senator, former State Rep., and attorney