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Common ground and innovative ways to find it[]

In the spirit of this site, below is a list of ways we can spell out the common ground we share on this issue. This is what we wish politicians would say about this issue.

  • Let's not rule out the use of medicinal marijuana, but only after full testing has shown it is beneficial, completely safe (or as safe as other legal prescription drugs) and that precautions are taken to avoid it being prescribed to those who simply want to abuse it recreationally.
  • This the approach that Canada has made to the issue? It is believed that one reason the United States won't follow suit is that big money politicians are being paid by the pharmaceutical companies. That can be addressed by Campaign Finance rules.
  • The US federal government may not legalize marijuana while they are still using the mindset of the "War on Drugs", however they should be willing open up drug laws to be determined on the local and state level. We should let the states experiment with possibilities and find a solution that actually solves the underlying problem of demand, while also dealing with the problems associated with supply.
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