Democratic PartyEdit

Chris Gabrielli [1]

  • Abstract For
    • Pro-Choice
    • Enviornment
      • Supports Massachusetts joining the RGGI (Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative) [2]
      • Updating the RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard)
      • Subsidising local initiatives to support conservation
      • Supports the Cape Wind project [3]
    • Same-sex Marriage
      • Against proposed consitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages
    • Subsidization of Health Care Costs
      • Plans to make "sure that big companies are paying their fair share." [4]
    • Rollback of Income Tax from 5.3% to 5.0%
      • Plans to implement a series of "benchmark" rollbacks to eventually reach the 5.0% rate
    • Lower costs for College Education
      • Supports investment to "increase access to financial aid"[5] in efforts to make college educations more affordable.

Deval Patrick [6]

Tom Reilly [7]

Green PartyEdit

Grace Ross [8]

Republican PartyEdit

Kerry Healy [9]

Independent Candidate Edit

Christy Mihos [10]