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Michael Moore has gained noteriety and infamy thanks to his well-received documentaries that support an unapologetically liberal agenda. His two biggest documentaries, Bowling for Columbine and the anti-Bush Farenheit 9/11, have met with mostly resounding praise from the left and mostly virulent condemnation from the right. Farenheit 9/11 broke a box office record for a documentary.

Opponents of Michael Moore[]

Michael Moore's attacks on the right that claim hypocrisy and deceit are just as filled with hypocrisy and deceit. Moore's passion in bringing down conservatism gets in the way of telling people the truth.

Proponents of Michael Moore[]

Michael Moore is a great documentarian and researcher, exploring timely matters in a way that cuts to the heart of the matter and exposes truth in the most incriminating of places.

Reaction to Films[]

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