Campaigns Wikia
  • This is a section with links and information on how to volunteer and contribute to the campaign. It includes links to polls, websites, codes, forms, and other things for grassroots campaigning.

Gravel's Online Army![]


Here are some polls that include Mike, vote for him and show your support.

  • -- A face book poll for the Dem candidates. They will donate to each campaign depending on the percentage of votes they acquire.
  • -- An online Iowa based Presidential poll. It's in the upper right hand side, and Mike is at 60% now so anyone who hasn't gone, please do.
  • -- A set of polls on the'08 elections, reset weekly and monthly. Go Vote for Mike every week.


Various websites that have relevance to the campaign.::

  • -- A site where you can request for events to happen, like Mike coming to your area.
  • -- A site to promote Mike's candidacy in the Granite State where Gravel should Rock in the primary.


Different Message Boards where you can get Mike's name out there.

Campaign Materials[]

Shirts, Bumper Stickers, Buttons, & Coffee Mugs[]


Chat rooms where you can talk to others live.


Online petitions that are relevant to the campaign.

  • -- A site Mike has contributed to that fights for our first amendment right to an address of grievances by government with an online petition to the United States Armed Forces Withdraw From Iraq Act.


Sites with videos about Mike and other political issues.