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!Do you remember the first time you saw the governor

VAN SUSTEREN: Remember the first time you saw the governor?


A. ROMNEY: I do.

VAN SUSTEREN: How old were you?

A. ROMNEY: Probably about 10.



VAN SUSTEREN: Where was this?

A. ROMNEY: I was — I was on a horse and in the country, and he was a Boy Scout...

M. ROMNEY: Cub Scout.

A. ROMNEY: I mean, a Cub Scout. And there were a group of very naughty, like, Cub Scouts that were taunting me...

VAN SUSTEREN: Was he one of them?


M. ROMNEY: No, no, no. I was saying, "don't do that. That's a nice young lady on that white horse."

VAN SUSTEREN: That's not the story she was just telling.


VAN SUSTEREN: They were taunting you?

A. ROMNEY: They were taunting me, and they started...

M. ROMNEY: This is getting better with time.

A. ROMNEY: But I have got to tell you, I was on a horse and I could go fast, and I just galloped off. And that is the first time I remember him.

VAN SUSTEREN: Where was this?

A. ROMNEY: This was in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

VAN SUSTEREN: And then after you saw — after that experience, when was the next time you saw him?

A. ROMNEY: In high school. We were at a party. I was then just turning — just about a month before I turned 16, and I was at Cindy White's house, and it was one of these high school parties. And he happened to be there. We saw each other again, and I think there was sort of a mutual attraction right away.

VAN SUSTEREN: You liked him right away? Except at that age when you were 10, you liked him, though?

A. ROMNEY: I had forgiven him.

VAN SUSTEREN: You had forgiven him. Did you tell him about it?

A. ROMNEY: You know, not for a long time. And I think (AUDIO GAP). I don't think either one of us realized. We didn't know, really, who each other was. But it was after we had been dating for a while that he knew I rode horses and I had — I still had horses when he was dating me. And he was like, that horse looks familiar. Oh, was that you?