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After UK journalist George Monbiot responded to Australian geologist Ian Plimer's set of counter-questions with "you're asking the wrong person," various scientists and others on science weblogs made note of the questions/problems and problems with them, but not in a systematic way.

The person creating this page wrote to Monbiot as follows:

> Name: Marion Delgado
> Email:
> Subject: Plimer "questions"
> Message: I think we should do an emergency effort to get the answers
> to those (90% are on real climate alone) "questions" of Plimer to
> you, have you review them, and have you post them to your
> satisfaction.
> It would be good to see Plimer naked with no excuses. I'll help, I
> bet lots of people would.

And received this answer:

that'd be great Marion, thank you very much. G 

After which he decided to look for a Wiki that was open to having a collaborative page on climate change created on it, and found Campaigns Wikia and its Climate Change article, including a 1-line section on arguments against. Every section in this page is transcluded, and material will be added at least by the page creator to the section: Plimer questions Monbiot The goal of this page would be to produce a record of the debate, online and perhaps in person, between Plimer and Monbiot, as well as, in the early stages, provide at least some response to every one of Plimer's questions, suitable for Monbiot's purposes, so that Plimer can't hide behind "answer MY questions first." This is the activist/campaign part of the page. It could well advance the actual debate as well as recording it.