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Music for Democracy is a grassroots organization of musicians, industry professionals, and music fans united by the conviction that America needs a new kind of politics to move forward toward a more peaceful, economically robust, and environmentally sustainable future. Our goal is to support candidates for federal office and facilitate public awareness campaigns that advance the agenda of progressive musicians, their fans, and the music community at large. MFD connects both well-known musicians and young upstart bands with a nationwide network of peers and fans who are passionately engaged in the electoral process.

We evaluate candidates and causes based on what we believe are the core values of human coexistence. These include:

Ending the war in Iraq and averting unprovoked military action in the future.

Economic equality without regard for race, gender, sexual preference, and religion.

Environmental resurrection -- not just environmental protection.

Protection of the rights and liberties granted by the U.S. Constitution.

The propagation of freedom worldwide.

MFD is a Political Action Committee (PAC), registered with the Federal Election Commission and not beholden to any particular candidate or party, that promotes and facilitates musical events, coordinates media efforts to inform and educate voters, provides a volunteer force to staff information tables at concerts, and coordinates a network of seasoned professionals with the expertise to create positive outcomes in national elections. We believe that America is facing a major crossroads in history, and that the time for meaningful change is now. To achieve our goals, we leverage the most powerful tools of the digital age -- social networks, websites, viral videos and podcasts -- with full-spectrum on-the-ground efforts to inform the electorate, get out the vote, and mobilize press coverage in the service of our core values and the music community at large.

We provide publicity to musicians who have signed an online MFD Pledge using press releases, interviews, and Internet resources. We promote voter education by disseminating information about the crucial issues at stake in upcoming elections. We identify and recruit new voters through our website and give them the resources they need to assist campaigns. All of this is made possible by the extraordinary power of music to inspire and unify people of every age and from every community.

Inspired by the game-changing success of Senator Barack Obama's campaign for the White House, we believe that the strategic use of Net-based resources and other grassroots efforts can be stunningly effective in motivating and focusing voter commitment in political campaigns. We aim to build on this democratization of the electoral process and deliver where it counts. We aim to empower a diverse community and create a set of tools that are so powerful, organizers of future political campaigns will look to our efforts and say, "That's how you decisively energize the music industry and fans and win elections."