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A national language is a language which uniquely represents the national identity of a nation or country. A national language is not to be confused with the predominant language, which is spoken by the majority of people from within a country's borders. A national language is used for political and legal discourse and so designated by a country's government.

United States[]

The defacto national language is American English, however, there is no official national language. The need for one has been debated, but found not worthy of the effort until recently when fire crew chief's in Oregon lost their jobs for not speaking Spanish [1].

The economic cost of printing all government information in multiple languages is enormous, however, in most cases only English and Spanish speakers are catered to.


The national language of Mexico is Mexican Spanish. On many border cities road signs are printed in both English and Spanish for the benefits of tourism, but there are no laws requiring anything in English.


French and English are the national languages of Canada.