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In contemplating the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, much attention has been given by the Religious Right concerning how "Christian" these men in fact were.

Was George Washington a Unitarian-Deist OR was he a faithful Episcopalian?

Was the Declaration of Independence referring to the Christian conception of God-head (Father, Son & Holy Spirit) when it based its claims on "natural right" as endowed by the "god of nature"?

Was America founded as a Christian, a semi-Christian or as a secular Republic?

Although the TRUE answer to this question is likely that our nation's founding fathers were largely Deistic in belief, but the common people were either Trinitarian congregationalist, Episcopalian and eventually Wesleyan-Arminian revivalist Christians, the point of this political treatise is not the question of American civil religious history or its revision.

Instead, while noting this important scholarly and practical debate, I instead wish to offer a 2007 version of American Political "Natural Right" Thought. Similar to the Roman Empire that based its legal system on "Right" (Latin = Ius [1]), so also must some semblance of Natural Right in the U.S.A. be elucidated before it is too late.

Here it is, a "Pledge for a New, Secular America":

  • All human beings are created equal
  • Poverty can only be effectively overcome through Corporations paying a sustainable Living Wage ($12/ hour adjusted for annual inflation) + health benefits
  • Every healthy worker aged 18 - 60 has the unalienable right to work
  • Religion is a public, not strictly private issue, affecting everything from whether or not a particular war is just, whether killing is ever justified, and what the Federal Government should even be permitted to do
  • Health insurance should be required for every Corporation, small business owner, and contract employee, provided as just compensation
  • The public has a right to freely address issues of public concern to include protests against war, matter of religious conscience, and even alternative political philosophies (e.g. Libertarianism, marxism, Divine Right monarchies, socialism, etc.) without fear of government reprisal
  • Freedom of the press to include internet, traditional newspapers, academic writings, and pamphlets shall not be limited in any way

Thank you for a New, Better U.S., founded on Natural Unalienable Rights that the Government should never limit, take away, nor otherwise interfere with.

Blessings in Jesus, --RobJKing 18:29, 4 September 2007 (UTC) Rob J. King, Christian Natural Lawyer