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For non-textual explanations of what the Neoconservative and Qutbite movements are, the following two productions provide some background:

The Short Forms Episode 001

The Power of Nightmares

Similarities and Differences[]


The two ideologies share many of the same characteristics and were developed at nearly the same time.

  • The belief that Freedom and Virtue are opposites, so Freedom should not be allowed.
  • The masses need to be led by a small group, an Elite Vanguard who are better than anyone else.
  • The masses need to be led without their knowing, by use of Fear and Myth to incite xenophobia and violence.


The main difference between these two ideologies are the religions they adhere to. The Qutbites are Islamist and the Neoconservatives are Judeo-Christian. A less significant difference is what brand of myth is to be propagated to the followers. For the Neocons it is the never ending battle between good and evil, for the Qutbites it is the duty to eradicate all who ignore guidance from God.


The US and Arabic nations are increasingly under the influence of detrimental tactics of the Neoconservative and Qutbite movements. While this may be fine if you're one of the Elite in your society, everyone else's lives will be worse or over, the more influence these two ideologies inflict upon the world.

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